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Custom light switches from the 1900 through to now, the contemporary period. How can you find the best world class supplies of electrical products? They are quite difficult to obtain. Distinguishing workmanship of the period range of electrical goods, is not always easy to replicate to the high standards from days gone by. A highly sort after item, can be a wanting task. Who wants to go to the expense of renovating a home, cottage, building, if you can not complement the little things.

Heritage period collections are a comprehensive style, not your normal everyday item at the local hardware store. Switches and electrical products from Drake & Jones lighting have somewhat of a nostalgic appeal. They are as close as you could get, unless you could travel back in time! How many of us have the ability or time to do that? For the best quality custom light switches and fixtures in the contemporary period, cheap is not the way to go.

As I said before, why spend large amounts of money on refurbishing or renovating even constructing a brand new contemporary home or dwelling to let yourself down with sub-standard electrical products that do not suit the look you are trying to achieve. I am sure that it really will not "cut the mustard". Remember you have gone to all this time, trouble and expense. Why settle for anything less than the best, because you deserve it! Your house is your castle, make it your dream, even down to the last switch. Bromleighs is a world-renowned company that is the wholesaler to world class retailers.

Customized retailers are a valuable asset to have when such an artistic finish is required. Different types of establishments, ranging from, the brand new to heritage renovations, you can find something out there that is discerning. Deciding upon which collection period will suit your new home, all take time and thought. You are looking for reproductions of the highest quality, from the original light switches, no matter which era they came from. Comprehensive period light switches are made to the current safety standards.

They also are made ready to install in any new wiring set up currently available on the market. Hand finished plates, quality made inserts, that the British are proud to say are English made, if you can find the right retailer. Authentic features are extremely pleasing and are to be admired. You should be committed to finding only the very best products on the market worldwide. Contemporary metals are reminiscent of the 1930s era.

Drake & Jones lighting handmade fixtures are world-renowned, much like Vodaphone is to the cellular world. Period Switch Collections, Forge Collection, Bakelite Switch Collection, Pendant Collection, Pullswitch Collection were common at the turn of the century. A versatile range of finishing techniques can be created traditionally for any contemporary interior. This will be pleasing for any discerning customer. Whether you are wanting a timeless faceplate design, classic or contemporary style and finish, from the period switch collections you are deciding upon.

Hardwood is a material commonly used in products. Natural oak, light medium even dark oak, antique mahogany, bronze, chrome, and brass which ties in quite well with the hardwood switch collection. All products should be of the highest quality. The reproductions are timeless, as are the original fixtures. Lets face it, do you have the time to hunt around to find a product that was not quite what you were after, or to make the modifications that have to be made to meet the current standard of electrical safety? The answer would be no. Achieve it all from the retailers.

Getting the best selections with the best quality workmanship available to you. Good luck.

Peter Baldwin from Drake & Jones lighting can help you find the best custom light switches for your building or renovation needs. Don't get left in the dark visit us for free expert lighting advice now

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