iPods are More Than Portable Music Players

With the evolution of technology, companies like Apple have developed mini-multimedia devices called iPods. These small, but sturdy hand held media players have captured the attention of the world as they have sold over 42 million in recent years. They can now hold over 60 gigabytes of your favorite music, videos, data and files that you would like transferred from one pc to another.

There are wireless additions and open source software that can customize the operating system to handle applications designed by individual developers. The versatility of the iPods over palm pilots and other similar devices has made them valuable tools for work and play. It has been reported that some medical firms use them to transfer x-rays and client files from one practice to another while also being used to play medical videos for patient care. An iPod in the hand of a forward thinker can become a powerful tool, which can revolutionize work flow within many industries. Training videos are another great use for the iPod and with the large storage capacity they can be used to coach through many medical procedures. For example, imagine ambulance services with personnel who carry iPods with videos that explain how to give CPR, deliver babies, perform tracheotomies, amputations or any other critical procedure just in case of emergency.

This is just one way that this piece of technology can be used to save lives. There really is no limit to the usefulness of the Apple iPod when creative imagination takes hold of one. There will always be, of course, the regular videos that it can play while you are on an airplane to a foreign country.

It can hold more music than the average jukebox found at dance halls and social halls. It even categorizes your favorite genres and will quiz you about the very music downloaded into the iPod. With wireless technologies becoming cheaper while covering wider ranges of distance, the iPod can keep constant connection within a corporate setting which can synchronize with everyone who uses the same information. There are companies who can customize your iPod as well so that it matches your company logos or colors. Mostly the iPod will continue to be the toy that teens and young adults use to watch videos and listen to their favorite songs while adults add the customized features listed above.

As storage devices, the possibilities are endless. How will you use yours?.

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