Better Website ROI Now Any Website Can Make Money

Better website ROI (return on investment) is a common goal of all webmasters. Until recently, all website monetization was based on the visitor to the website taking some action - either buying something from the site, or clicking on some type of pay per click (PPC) ad. Just because a site had traffic, there was no guarantee that it would make any money.

But all that has changed. Better website ROI is guaranteed through a new form of internet advertising being called PPP or pay per play. PPP ads are somewhat similar to PPC ads in that the webmaster receives a percentage of the ad cost paid by the advertiser to the sponsor (such as Google in the case of AdSense). The difference is, with PPP advertising, the webmaster gets paid whenever someone visits a page that is set up with the PPP scripting - the visitor doesn't have to do anything other than simply visit the page.

Another huge difference is that PPP ads do not draw visitors away from the webmaster's site like pay per click ads do. Better website ROI is certain when using PPP ads and they have the advantage of not redirecting traffic from the webmaster's site. A PPP ad is typically a short audio ad lasting about 5 seconds (with a few minutes between ads) and ads are played automatically on any page set up with the PPP scripting. So, all visitors to the site result in money paid to the webmaster, and PPP payments on a per visitor basis are similar to what webmasters currently can earn on a PPC basis with Google AdSense.

Also, for a limited time, a three-tiered affiliate program is available for webmasters who join the PPP program. The leading PPP program pays the webmaster 25% on ads on the webmaster's own site, plus 5% on the ads on sites of webmasters he or she refers, plus 5% on the ads on sites those referred webmasters refer. So, in addition to PPP resulting in better website ROI directly on the webmaster's own sites, additional income can be generated through advertising on the sites of other webmasters that he or she refers to the PPP program. With PPP, now every webmaster has the opportunity for better website ROI.

George Best is a webmaster for several websites. For more information on how you can increase your website profits through PPP advertising, visit Better Website ROI.

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