What is Centrino?

In early March 2003, Intel announced the arrival of a new brand name, the "Centrino". The concept is a thin, lightweight, cool, quiet laptop with long battery life that also uses wireless technology so you can connect to the Internet or other computers in your home, office, or any of the rapidly growing number of public "hot spots" like coffee shops, hotels, airports, universities, libraries, and other convenient places.

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Toshiba Readies First HD-DVD Notebook

Laptop featuring the next-generation DVD technology will be available next month.

HANOVER, GERMANY -- Toshiba is planning to launch its first laptop computer with an HD-DVD drive in Europe in April, the company said Tuesday.

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Locating The Perfect Laptop Computer  

Laptop computers are the perfect choice for people on the go. They offer all of the features of a desktop personal computer with the added benefits of portability. There are many kinds of laptop computers to choose from. When choosing a new laptop computer, look at the battery size, the memory and the physical size and weight of the computer.

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Ultra Mobile PC's - The Future of Mobile Computing & Entertainment  

Just when we think we've reached our mobile limit, something always comes around to blow our minds. PDA's hit the mobile business world and exploded into an overnight sensation. Laptops use to be a rare purchase, but are becoming almost as common as a regular desktop now. Tablet PC's haven't taken off like everyone had hoped, but they do have some great uses. PDA phones and other internet ready phones are almost a necessity, not only delivering email and internet, but now video and other mobile entertainment. What could possibly be next? How do you get better than what we have now?

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