The New Age Of Computers

In the last few years, say about five, we have seen the growth of computers like never before. Though there was a lot of development over the years since its advent, there has been a big boom in this industry. This is mainly due to the money involved in this business. A lot of competitors came into the field, and they have brought it various computers to the world's market. When computers were initially invented, they were massive, and a lot of operations were done manually. But now, there are computers that would fit into the palms of one's hand.

A lot of companies have now stormed the market with new models. They are also of reasonable prices. Some year's back, common man could not afford a fast machine.

Today with a single payment, people can buy a very good personal computer or laptop. It is also interesting to note that though there has been a lot of change with computers, there are still many nations who do not have access to them. Many under developed nations still do not use computers. This could probably change in the next five years. Then there is also the use of the computers that we can look at. Earlier it could be used for many businesses as they could spend a lot of money.

Today many people use it at home for simple purposes. This is what makes it exciting for many people, as they can indulge in many activities for time pass. Computers are serving the world like never before. There has been a lot of evolvement in the computers, as they serve a lot of industries. From medicine to education and government organizations, everyone uses computers.

These are the main aspects of any organization today, and without them there will be no work that could happen in today's world. Imagine if all computers around the world crashed. It is being estimated that information worth millions of dollars as well as a vast amount of data will be lost. The point is that this data would not have any backup. The world has become so independent on computers today, that it is so scary to know that anything could happen. There is also the need to look at the security of the use of the computers.

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